Rules and Game play.

Franchise Settings:

30 Teams

Round Robin

8 Playoff Teams

WS: Best of 7

CS: Best of 7

DS: Best of 5


Schedule: Open

Min Games Per Week: 7

Trades:  3 for the Season

Trade Approval: On (This is customary in DBL, admins will have to vote to approve all trades)



All game settings must be applied by you prior to playing your games. Failure to do so will result in removal. It is required that you broadcast your game whenever possible. We understand connectivity issues with broadcasting and will allow games to be played without it, however, you must comply with ANY request (opponent or admin) to view a live stream of your game, or to verify settings. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from DBL.


Hitting Difficulty: HOF or Above

Hitting Interface: Zone (NO ANALOG OR DIRECTIONAL)

PCI: Off

Hitting View: Any Camera but ZOOM OR STRIKE ZONE  cameras.

Guess Pitch: Off

Decisions: ANY

Sliding: ANY

Runner Windows: On


Difficulty: HOF or Above

Pitching Interface: Meter, Pure Analog, Pulse


Ball Marker: Any

Confidence: On

Pitch Callout: Any

Pitch Delay: Faster

API: Any


Throwing Interface: Any

Throwing Meter: On or No Feedback

Difficulty: ALL STAR or Above

Throw Canceling: At your own risk

One Button Dive/Jump: Off

Fielding Decision: Assist OR Manual

Throwing Decision: Off

Catch Position Indicator: On

Shift: Any


Strike Zone: Off

Hot Zones: Off

Warm-Up: On

Tips: Any

Auto Save: Any

Balks: On

Umpire Balls/Strikes: Variable

Close Plays: On

Check Appeals: On

Injuries: On

Ejections: On

Quick Counts: Off


It is important that you immediately go into your team settings and designate trade block management/trades to manual.

Roster Management: Manual

Lineups/Rotations: Manual

Staff Management: Manual

Scouting: Any

Trade Block Management: Manual

Trades: Manual


Admins will be mindful of your cap situation and what logical trades would look like for your team and its future. All trades must be 1/1 2/2 3/3. Ratings must be 10 or less in one tams favor. Can not be manipulated by throwing in a 50 overall for example. Deadline will be 2/3 point of the season. SIM


Broadcasting will be required  for every game played in DBL. Verification of Settings will take place through the broadcast at the discretion of the users. Any request for 'settings check' must be acknowledged and fulfilled. You may participate in other leagues while involved with this one, however inactivity is easy to spot and swiftly responded to. MIX UP YOUR PITCHES! (ie. No constant dirtballs or high fbs.) "Sim" in DBL is being a disciplined hitter. Take advantage of a pitcher who cant hit the strike zone. Players who show no ability to consistently hit the strike zone throughout a game, for multiple games at a time, will simply be dealt with on a case by case basis. If you cant throw a balanced attack you will be removed. You may throw as outside of the zone as you want during at-bats, but if your goal is not to throw strikes throughout a game and somewhat consistently you are not playing sim, and will be removed. That said, a hitter needs to have a disciplined approach, and if a pitcher is struggling to hit the zone, take the walks, and pick your spots wisely. ****UPDATE: Both teams need to broadcast. If lags becomes unplayable, please notify an admin before turning off cast.


Basically, use it when appropriate, and don't abuse the base-running advantages in the game. If you need rules to clearly illustrate this concept for you here are some:

You may run in any situation, except stealing home. You may only advance multiple bases on a steal on a throwing/fielding error. You must not retreat on steal commitments. Run it through. No going back. This rule is for when the pitcher actually makes his pitch and the steal is attempted, runner is allowed to retreat only on a pick-off or step-off by pitcher. No steals at inappropriate times, you must steal realistically and when pitcher starts his motion. No early steals. Do not steal with slow runners or just because there is 2 strikes and 2 outs.


Advance bases when appropriate, you can be aggressive in sporadic situations. Play realistic baseball. Remember all games are broadcast and abusers can be easily verified. Don't advance on infield hits more than 1 base, or on bunts. You may advance an extra base on an error of course. One base on SAC fly.


Again, in appropriate bunting situations. Here are rules for those of you who require some: No bunting with 2 strikes. No bunting to break up a no-hitter. You may sacrifice bunt sporadically with appropriate players in close games. Don't abuse it. Typically you wouldn't see more than 3 in a game. Only squeeze once per game. No more than 1 base advanced on a bunt per base-runner. ***UPDATE: Pitchers may bunt at anytime

Pace: Don't quick pitch, be courteous and "sim" about your pace. It doesn't have to drag out for 2 hours but give the hitter a few seconds between pitches. You must let the Pitcher SET FROM HIS GATHER prior to pitching. Wait until the hands are still.


You may hold a runner, but be mindful of pace and don't abuse it. Do it when appropriate. We are a sim league after all.


5 man rotation must be set prior to Opening Day Must be followed at all times You may adjust for injury purposes You may adjust your starters with valid performance/call-up reasons, and all adjustments must be approved by admins. You must designate a closer prior to Opening Day Closer can not be a starter. Any starter moving to bullpen must be approved by an admin. Closer may not pitch more than 2 innings per game. Mound visits only when appropriate, abuse will not be tolerated. NO SP CAN PITCH MORE THAN 9 INNINGS. REGARDLESS OF PITCH COUNT. **IN SOME SPECIAL SITUATIONS A PROSPECT MAY BE USED A RP WITHIN REASON AND ADMIN APPROVAL.


Don't Abuse, use when appropriate. (See a theme here?) Throw all of your pitches, you may use your pitches realistically, but don't abuse a pitch throughout the game. Sim over win. Cannot substitute pitcher mid-AB 


Don't pre-load your swing, this will not be tolerated.(ANALOG} You may hit and run but don't abuse it. Use when appropriate and not excessively. No pinch hitters mid-AB Practice swings must not be used excessively. Think pacing.

Position Changes:

Outfielders: May rotate freely Infielders: Must be listed on primary or secondary positions.


No throwing runner out at 1st from outfield. No diving for no reason. Or throwing the ball around for no reason.

Free Agents:

Only to fill a need and must be approved by admins. REQUEST MUST INCLUDE A WRITTEN EXPLANATION FOR THE TEAM NEED.


Blue Screen Rules 6th inning or later - team with lead wins with a 3 or more run lead. A 1 run game will never be awarded.

8th inning or later - 2 run lead. We will be watching for tactics to make the game drop. If you are found to be suspect of committing any types of d/c'ing, it will be grounds for removal.


Will be revoked solely at the discretion of the commissioner with support from the admins. You will be removed for failure to get your games in, failure to communicate, and failure to abide by all rules outlined above. You are not required to in-game voice chat with your opponent, you may do so at your discretion. You must post a team profile thread in the designated forum area. This page must include your PSN handle, preferred contact time, and typical console availability. You may communicate game scheduling on console, on league website, or the Group Me chat. Members are highly encouraged to share media, blog their team, and frequent the league web site. You must accept any friend request from a league member and communicate accordingly with regard to game scheduling